The primary goal is to help talented and dedicated mid-level Chinese professionals to break through their career bamboo ceiling and rise up to senior-level positions, particularly focusing on –

  • The Myth & Reality – Oriental cultural values can sometimes adversely impact assertiveness and performance at an intensely competitive workplace and hinders career progression.
  • The Solution – Identify issues and provide actionable plans to tackle career challenges and make the greatest impact by effectively managing cultural influences and workplace behaviour.
How does it work?

Recruitment of senior-level Mentors and mid-level Mentees through public registration and referral

Becoming a Mentor by registering your interest online if

  • you have 10+ experience and are at an executive or above position
  • you are interested and experienced in coaching
  • you can commit c. an hour each week to the Mentoring Programme for a 12-month cycle

Becoming a Mentee by registering your interest online if

  • you have 5+ experience and are at a mid-level position
  • you are looking to climb up the corporate ladders and seeking for advices from people who have been through a similar path or faced similar challenges
  • you can commit at an hour each week to the Mentoring Programme for a 12-month cycle

Effective match-making of senior-level Mentors to mid-level Mentees by logical criteria (e.g. industry, business area, type of organisation, personal & career experience, skillsets)

One-to-one mentoring sessions throughout a 12-month cycle where Mentors provide 1st hand insight, successful experiences and tailored advices to tackle career challenges of Mentees.

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