Excellence in Financial & Professional Services 年度金融及专业服务奖

Open to high achieving individuals who excel in their organisation and industry, including Banking, Asset Management, Investment Management (including Real Estate and Property Investment), Insurance, Accounting, Legal, Tax, Management Consultancy, and other financial and professional services.

Nomination Form for Excellence in Financial & Professional Services 2018

Excellence in Innovation & Technology 年度创新及科技奖

Sub-Category 1: Open to high achieving individuals who excel in their organisation and industry which includes but not limited to Information Technology, IT Services & Computing, Software, Computer Hardware, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Data Science, Communications Equipment, Telecommunication, Semiconductors etc.

Sub-Category 2: Open to excellent innovators from any sector/ industry who have pioneered innovative business ideas or technologies which have had a significant impact on their organisation and industry.

Nomination Form for Excellence in Innovation & Technology 2018

Excellence in Social Contribution 年度卓越社会贡献奖

Open to individuals who have made significant social contribution and greatest positive impact to the broader field, industry, community or society, including but not limited to art, education, media, cultural exchange, diversity, community, not-for-profit organisations, and other social schemes or programmes.

Nomination Form for Excellence in Social Contribution 2018

Senior Executive Manager of the Year 年度企业高级经理人奖

Open to a board member, chief executive, managing director, director general, director or in a similar senior management role who have direct responsibility of an organisation or a major department and have demonstrated high degree of leadership and achievements in the organisation in the past 12-18 months.

Nomination Form for Senior Executive Manager of the Year 2018

Entrepreneur of the Year 年度卓越创业者奖

Open to business owners who have demonstrated outstanding enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurial flair, as well as exceptional vision and leadership with a strong financial track record of annual revenue > £1m for the last 2 years.

Nomination Form for Entrepreneur of the Year 2018